How To Make Long Distance Relationships/Friendships Last!

So I have a friend that has been living in Rwanda for about eight months now. When he told me that he was going away for two years to do service as a Peace Corps Member, my heart STOPPED! There were a few thoughts that  were running through my mind. All I could think about was missing him,  not being able to talk to him every day or every other day, or him meeting another person and being best friends with them and kicking me to the curve! Haha…I know these thoughts are crazy but they happen and they can be realistic. Knowing that we’ve been friends for about eights years, it shouldn’t have worried me, but as things change, people can change too…Hey! It’s life.

I’m glad that our friendship did not change that much! In fact, we got a lot closer. I can actually relate to the quote “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” We  talk more than what I expected. We practically talk every day or every other day thanks to bbm, facetime, facebook, texting, and emails. It’s been great!  Now maybe things would’ve been a little more difficult if we were actually in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship- you know (physical touching, kissing, hugging, dates, ya di yadda yadda), but we are just really great friends.  As much as I miss him, my life does not stop. I still gotta do what I gotta do.

Long distance worked out  and is still working out for us. Here are a few ways it can work for you:

  1. You are friends!…Know where you stand and understand that no one is going anywhere…well unless that can be debatable, but let’s stay positive shall we?
  2. Make sure there is an equal understanding on how often you will be talking during the week.
  3. Update one another about an event, trip, or a personal decision that will leave you M.I.A for a couple of days.
  4. Keep the communication lines open….Do not overthink or speculate things. Talk about it!
    • This may also be the best time to fess up and tell the person how much you like them (not like I did this or anything…covers mouth). Do not be surprised what their answer may be. Expect the worst but plan for the best…or is it the opposite way around?…moving on…
    • If he/she likes you in “that way” as well, PERFECT…Just know that he/she is far away so you would have to get creative as you two upgrade yourselves as a couple.
    • If he/she says “OH HECK NO! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I SAW YOU AS FAMILY!’ (not saying that this was my experience or anything…closes eyes really tight*) then you have two options: a) Kick him/her to the curve because things will never be the same ever again, and he/she was a jerk for saying it that way,and you will always want more, and can’t be friends if ya’ll don’t become more than friends…or b)Use this as a test of maturity in the friendship. Use this as a way to make your relationship stronger, and use it as a stepping stone to be more honest about one’s feelings, even if it doesn’t pertain to being in a relationship. (I can say this was us!)
  5. Keep yourself busy by doing the things you love or trying something new!
  6. Both people must make an effort to reach out. If you reach out first all the time, you should stop and let him or her reach out to you from time to time.  😉

Well folks, these are the tips that I came up with and it has worked out for me!

I hope this gave you a few ideas or helped you out in some way, whether it was relatable or made you laugh the whole time!

Feel free to leave a comment or like and share!

Until next time….Be brave, Be beautiful!


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