One. step. at. A. Time

We all have dreams, goals, assignments, and to-do lists. They are definitely possible to accomplish, however there may be a whole lot of work that we have to put in to get it done. The BIG picture is really HUGE and overwhelming. It is easy to feel stress, anxiety, and defeat…. but DO NOT give up. Remember…you are called for a purpose. You are here for a reason. Those dreams, goals, to-dos, and assignments are there to remind you that what’s ahead is GREATER a than what it is now. I have to keep reminding myself that every step of the way. Even though I am moving forward, I still feel uneasy or overwhelmed because I am only in the beginning, but then I realize that I am MOVING and God has my back. He is ordering my steps and I cannot let fear take the drivers seat. So I say to you…Keep pushing, speak positivity over yourself, paint the big picture on your wall, and take ONE.STEP.AT.A.TIME! 

You will get there soon enough!