It Is In Your Character

When you leave a room, what will people say about you? Before you enter a room, what will people say about you? I’ve realized in my 25 years of life that it’s not all about your credentials, or what you do. It’s about how you’ve treated someone and how you made them feel. What impact(big/small) are you leaving on someone? Your character stands out the most.

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what people think you are.”

I Choose Purpose







I’ve had money. I’ve had praise. I’ve had power. Even a little bit of “fame”, but it’s my purpose that I seek. It’s my purpose that I need. It’s my purpose that will reach. It’s my purpose that will drive me to a new level of change. It’s my purpose that will fill the void. God, I thank you for it all, but I thank you for giving me purpose. The purpose to understand my ” Why’s”. The purpose to keep pushing after a thousand tries. My purpose that is coming to fruition at every step I take. My purpose is the anchor. My purpose. My purpose. God I thank you for purpose.

                       I CHOOSE PURPOSE.