Style In Every Season

Hey, Y’all!


Well, it doesn’t feel like it at this moment. The time I should be skipping around with my cute trench coat and vibrant colors, I’m wearing rain coats and hiding under umbrellas!

As the weather in NYC it trying to decide if it’s going to be warm or cold or rainy, I’m still living life and rocking my style with a few extra layers!


Style comes in EVERY season! Be prepared for whatever comes your way! Don’t let the rain, the fog, or the gloominess of the day stop you from feeling good and looking great!!!


This Liz Claiborne wool-blend coat is PERFECT for completing the classic look for the season! My favorite part about this coat is the peplum detail from the waist down. It also has pockets! You can button it up or leave the coat open and still look FABULOUS!

Let’s talk about my outfit underneath the coat…




This Ashley Stewart shirt and off-the-shoulder sweater combo top made me feel so chic. This Worthington leather skirt purchased at JCPenney added a touch of class to the outfit. The black clutch and silver-blue necklace were the perfect accessories to complete the look! I cannot forget the black booties that I purchased from Payless(no longer in stores). They are comfortable, sturdy, and it makes my legs look great!


Style is in every season! Wear something that makes you feel good and look GREAT! I hope you were inspired by this look! Leave a comment below to share your thoughts!

Until Next Time!




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