Have you ever dreamed of doing something great? Starting something new ? Creating something cool that you can call your own? Well today is the day to do just that!  I believe that I have waaaaaaaaaay too many gifts, talents, experience, and words of inspiration inside of me to  sit on it and keep it tucked on the bottom of my heart. Today is the day I choose break MY silence.

Sometimes things have to happen in life to wake you up in order to help you move forward. 2014 has been one of the worst years yet the best years of my life. I can go on and on about the various things that has happened from the 1st of January to  the 31st of December, which will be  expressed as the blogging progresses. What an emotional and exciting year it has been!  I started eating healthier, found a new career interest, became aware/apart of some family and friend dramas, secrets, confessions, rejections, and celebrations. Throughout these experiences I have found my confidence, my power, and my freedom, and  now I am here! Writing my first blog! This is pretty cool 🙂

So, will you join me to…

Be Fearless?

Go for what you want! Dream big! Make your own decisions and choices. If you fail at one thing, get back up and try again, or try something new! Do not be afraid of success. Step out of the little box that you’ve placed yourself in and fly!  If you have something to say to someone, say it! If you want to reconcile with someone, do it! If you want to apply for that job, or audition for that role, go for it! Be fearless!!

Be Flawless?

Be confident in who you are and what you want to do in your life. We all have insecurities, flaws, and imperfections, but don’t let that stop you from waking up in the morning and saying that you will be the best YOU that you can be! Take each day at a time! Your flaws and all are imperfectly PERFECT!

Be Free?

It is time to free yourself from the negative thinking or the negative people that surrounds you! Step out of it and LIVE! Life is definitely too short to be weighed down by the doubts and the regrets that we all face. Free yourself!

I have great expectations for me, my loved ones, and for you!

Let the jOURney begin!

-Kristal C



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