To The People Pleasers Out There…

Stop trying to please people! The people you’re trying to please are doing their own thing anyways! Do what you want! It’s your life and your decisions. When you get what you get, you would never have to say that it was someone else’s decision that made you do something you never wanted to do. When you make your own decisions, at least you can be 100% responsible and accountable for whatever you receive in return, whether it’s amazing or not so amazing. You wouldn’t have to blame anyone but yourself!

Does what I’m saying make sense?

If so, then good for you! You’ve now received the certificate of “Doing You & Being Happy!”

In 2014 and the years before then, I’ve always tried to please people so I could be on their good side, or to feel like I’m important or worth something to them…to even myself!

For example, when I started grad school I ultimately did it so my family and friends could be proud…but I wasn’t happy. That’s not where I wanted to be at the moment, but I did it anyways.

I wanted people to think that I had it going on, failing to realize that even though the outside was looking all good and “people-pleasing” accomplished, I was drained, empty, tired, unhappy and alone on the inside.

It wasn’t until then when I realized that I shouldn’t be feeling like this!
I wasn’t living by MY decisions.

Remember earlier when I said that I started grad school?…yea I took a leave of absence for the semester to figure things out.

I then decided to return,but on my own terms.

I was going to start a career in the field that I graduated with but then I was like “I want to work in retail( work at H&M or Forever 21) for a little while and explore fashion!” And  I did just that!

Even though I don’t see myself doing it forever( like a year lol) I am loving the experience that I’m getting, the people I’m meeting, the fashion sense that I’m taking in, and the seriousness of keeping things trendy by satisfying the customers, and keeping the sales and numbers up for the company! Some days can be stressful when the demands are high but it’s pretty cool and fun!

I’m making my own decisions and it feels great!

Of course some people in my life may be confused at what I’m doing but WHO CARES!

Besides, I have my supporters, my besties, my ride or dies by my side who supports me in any and every thing!

Most importantly God has my back!

My best friend recently said, “You know…I’m so proud of you! You made your own decision and you stuck to it!”
This was honestly one of the best things that I’ve heard and it made my heart leap for the highest piece of happiness!  She was able to see the changes!

I’m loving me! I’m growing! I’m making my own moves! I have set goals and dreams!
And  if the plans that I make fail, well….there’s bigger and better plans to make!

Learn to stay positive and laugh like Kevin Hart at your pains or sing the “Shake it Off” song by Taylor Swift (I love that girl).

People pleasers never have peace because they’re so busy accomplishing someone else’s goals and dreams.

Make yourself happy! Make your own decisions! That’s my motto!  YOLO!

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