Love Yourself At Every Size


I remember that day so clearly! I was at my friends party and my crush came over, touched my leg, told me that I looked good, and I almost passed out! Lol but anyways, I never knew that changing the way I ate would make me lose this much! It wasn’t even the plan! I was living on my own and I couldn’t depend on my parents anymore, so I had to cook for myself and practice clean eating. Do I eat healthy all the time? NO! But I learned how to eat in moderation and to listen to my body and my stomach when it reaches its limit! Now….had I known that the first thing I would lose would be my boobs, I would have stayed right there! Lmbooo ‪#‎ohwell‬ ‪#‎LoveYourselfAtEverySize‬ ‪#‎ConfidentThen‬ ‪#‎ConfidentNow‬

I just want you all to know that no matter what size you are, learn to accept, confront, and love what you see in that mirror. It is allllll yours! Rolls, stretchmarks, love handles, curves, thighs, butt, flabby arms, boobs, and all!!! Whenever you are ready to make that change, make sure it comes from YOU. Make sure that it stems from a healthy place. Do not DIEit! LIVEit! It’s a lifestyle and a mental change.  It’s a mental thing hunnies! Change your mind, and you will change your life! If you love where you are, then gosh DARNIT, WORK IT! DO YOU and don’t ever let anyone make you believe anything else, although it’s hard sometimes.

Love where you are today and you will never be the same!!!

Be Fearless…Be Flawless…Be Free!