Be Your Own Happiness!

Today I would like for you to be your own happiness. Give yourself a break and choose YOU! Too many times we want to seek validation from others. Too many times we place all our secrets, love, heart, and everything in between in that one thing or that one person, and when they let us down or things fall apart, we lose hope or we completely stay in that “pity party”. I know, I understand.

I have a heart. In fact, I have a huge heart. I would give a lot to others so they can feel good, be happy, and feel secure, but I am not God. God will do that. When I am let down or when my good deeds have been thrown in the trash, it hurts so bad. Too many times I forget that people are human.  I am human. Humans will fail you. Hey…I will fail myself lol! They’re trying to find their purpose as well. I’ve decided to stop trying to figure everyone else out and start figuring out my purpose, my wants, needs, worth, values, hopes, and visions. It’s time to choose me! To be happy! To love myself and be okay with just that! To stop talking and listen to the still voice! To seek God in His many forms and pray! To leave it all behind and rise in my newness! To look back at this post and remind myself daily until I no longer need to read this but to live it! It’s time to choose ME! I DESERVE MY OWN HAPPINESS! ❤




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