Im the Luckiest Girl In The World! 

Other than working as a HR assistant, I work in the women’s fitting room. The men’s fitting room is under construction soooooooo that means that they would have to come over to the women’s fitting room to take off(cough cough) and try on. I know…I’m lucky! So anyways, I see all different types of men..American, African , Asian, Hispanic, Italian, French, Indian, Caribbean, Canadian; short hair, long hair, no hair, hair everywhere; tall, short, big, small; body builders, six-packers, four-packers, 2-packers, no pack at all, biceps, triceps; Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish; singers, dancers(Magic Mikes haha), rappers, lawyers, doctors, businessmen, marketers, couch sitters, baby daddies…..I mean I get them all! It’s been great…it’s been wonderful! I think God is showing me a variety….and I appreciate it! I love Gods creation! I’m the luckiest girl in the world! Haha ❤️


P.S. I have a story to tell you buuuuuuut I’ll wait.