Deserving More

Why stand to go back to the people and things that have hurt you, when you have people that are here who genuinely love you and want to see you succeed. The past was the past. Leave it behind and move forward. Don’t entertain it because the joke will be on you. You will be burned out, hurt, and pained once again. Keep moving forward.

It hurts my core because I too have gone through this and I struggle with it sometimes. It can be so easy to fall back into the lives of people that will do you no good, but it’s comfortable there because it’s what you know. 

Negative people are very dependable. They are always on duty to bring you down, and off the clock when it’s time to boost you up. 

 I challenge you to step out on a little thing called “I Deserve More” and make a change. Take time to think…..breath. Take time for space and distance, reflection, and…..prayer.
Walk into a new path of loving yourself more. It’s a journey for some and a quick change for others, but you’ll get to a place one day where you will say “I deserve more”!




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