Family that Prays together stays together

Hey yall! 

I have not blogged for the past three days because I went up to Connecticut to attend a Mega family reunion that we host every two years! My family is sooooo big, that we have three separate reunions every year. To make sure everyone sees each other, we have a family reunion committee that brings all three reunions into one every two years!! It was wonderful!! Three days of swimming, canoeing, bungee jumping, eating, laughing, singing, dancing, vlogging ( YES! I have a YouTube channel soooo check that out at K. cameraready…like, comment, subscribe!) and I met new cousins, aunties, and uncles!!! I had a ball! One thing I realized is that my family can pray!!! Prayer is what has kept us together since the beginning and it will keep us going! Family is important whether it is big or small, right or wrong, up or down, blood relative or family friends. It is important to have people in your corner. It is important to know who who are, who you come from, and where you are going!!! Family reunions are a time to see who you resemble, why you act the way you do, and who you could connect with. It also shows you that you have to be careful who you date because..cough cough…they might end up being your cousin!!! Haha 

All in all, I had a blast this weekend and I hope you enjoyed yours! 

What are your family reunions like? If you do not have one, will you be the first to bring everyone together?!?!?!?! Leave your comments below! 



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