You Are Still Worth Loving

Take this time for self reflection.

The best healing comes from within…

Within the past three years I have found myself running away from myself, afraid of what I would see.

I would book trips and see a friend every other weekend.

I was never still.

I wanted to fill my life with moments and people’s memories in order to distract me from unfolding my own.

I consumed myself with the dramas of others around me.

But then one day…ONE DAY…

I was too tired.

I found myself physically, emotionally, and mentally immobile.

It was just me…in my room….lights off and out.


I tried calling my friends to hear other human voices and thoughts other than my own.

But when the phone calls clicked and goodbyes were shared…

It was just me again…with myself.

I had no other choice but to face it…

I closed my eyes so tight, and held my breath as the thoughts were racing.

I confronted ME.

For the first time I saw myself outside of myself.

It was painful yet beautiful.

I called out every good thing and every bad.

I identified it all.

At the end I said “It is well”.

I hugged myself so tight and cried in my own arms.

A shadow of love then overtook me.

I got up.

Turned the light on.

Looked in the mirror.

Wiped my tears and said…

“And YOU are still worth loving”

Dear Reader,

You are still worth loving. Sometimes you have to be in the lowest of lows to truly find yourself. Take time out for self reflection. The best healing comes from within.


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