Salty Situation

The risk that happens when we look….back…

What happens when you look back?

Are you forgetting something valuable?

Or are you leaving something behind that was no good for you anyway?

It’s important to know your reasoning to why you want to look back.

The past is behind you. Time to move forward.

Often times it’s more comfortable to go back into the old ways, the old habits, the old relationships that may have paralyzed us at one point and time and have kept us “small”.

I get it. It is what you know…what you’re used to!

But honeeeeeeeeeeey when I tell you.

Moving forward and leaving the old things behind is FREEING!

There are new opportunities, new relationships, new love, and a BIGGER, BETTER, BRAVER, STRONGER, and WISER you!

It takes time, but wait on it!

Time to move forward.

There IS a tomorrow.

There IS a TODAY..

There is a RIGHT NOW…to start over again.

To start afresh.

Looking back…

May place you in yet another ‪#‎SaltySituation‬

(Scripture Reference Genesis 19:1-26) DON’T LOOK BACK!



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