Space is what you’re getting

From me

I need it for me

To find my own air again

Because you tried

Unintentionally to take my breath away

I was breathing your air

Your morals

Your thoughts

Your beliefs

Your failures

Your imperfections

You were becoming my identity

It wasn’t until you hurt me

Deeper than you’ll ever really know…

When I realized how much time I was genuinely giving you



that you wouldn’t turn out  like the rest…


You’re human!

I forgot that!

You became “My god”

but the true GOD shed some light and corrected me all the way! 

So I’m letting go and I’m giving you


No longer having expectations for you or anyone else

Tired of giving you the gift of my heart

I’m walking on my own now

In my own pace

Finding my voice again

Loving me again

Pouring into me

Treating me

Being consistent with ME

And I won’t turn back




From afar….



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