Fall Festivities: Friendsgiving Weekend

So this past weekend was nothing ordinary. A Friendsgiving weekend turned out to be so much more than what I anticipated! Through the laughter, the sleep-overs, the dining out, the shopping, and the movies, a classic PHOTOSHOOT was in the mix! It was so much fun and absolutely amazing!  

I had the chance to hang out with my girl Maya and had the wonderful opportunity to live in her world of photoshoots and glamour! It sparked a fire of fresh excitement in me!

This photoshoot was more than an opportunity to stand in front of a camera and smile!

It was about confidence, style, and working my curves!

I am known to be the girl who knows how to take a ton of selfies, so it was different to have someone other than myself to take photos of me!

I felt so vulnerable, awkward at times, yet so BEAUTIFUL!!!

As I smiled, posed, and STRUT I began to feel more comfortable!

It wasn’t until Maya said, “Kristal! Just be yourself! “, when I began to truly understand the importance of  simply being myself!


Loving me for who I was, WHO I AM, and who I will be!

It was such a beautiful day for this special moment and I loved every minute of it!

I loved the laughs, the time spent with my friend, and the opportunity for me to be ME!

Outfit: Moto Jacket (Forever 21) |Dress(Old Navy)| Scarf (Forever 21)| Wallet (Rainbow)|Boots(Rainbow)| Lipstick ( Sephora)

To the one who is reading this:

I hope that you get a chance to love yourself more and more! You are worth it and so deserving of everything beautiful! Take a “shot” at it and see what happens!

I thank God every day for sending me the BEST of friends into my life. Life has it’s seasons, but I am grateful that my friends stuck through it all! I am INCREDIBLY blessed to have Maya by my side!  

For more on Maya and our weekend, click the pic below!


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