Season Of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a time where families are come together to share and eat their favorite dishes; to reminisce on the good old days; and to create new memories. Most importantly, this is a special season to give thanks. Here’s what I’m thankful for:
#1 I’m thankful for my faith….my faith in God. I wouldn’t be where I am and the person I am today if it wasn’t for the undying, unconditional, and unexplainable  LOVE of God. “I am #forever loved. I am a child of God. God is pleased with me.”

#2 I’m thankful for my family, friends, and the wonderful people that I’ve met along the way on this continued journey called life! It takes a village to raise #royalty! I’m thankful for my village!

#3 I am thankful for #LIFE . Life is full of surprises. You lose some and you gain some, but I AM THANKFUL for the experience it brings. My experiences has made me a BIGGER, BETTER, AND STRONGER person! What are you thankful for?

Feel free to leave a comment below ❤


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