Happy Holidays: Peace & Love

I hope that everyone is having a very happy holiday!

On Christmas day, my family and I  went to church to fellowship and to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ….the Savior of the world. The redeemer of my life! There was singing, clapping of the hands, a powerful biblical message, and “Merry Christmas” greetings from everyone!  Once church service was over, my family and I went home and ate plenty of delicious food, watched a movie, played some games, then laughed, and laughed, and LAUGHED! What a time we had!


You see, the holidays are all about LOVE. You may not believe what I believe. You may not practice what I practice, but if you have LOVE…you have everything! Love is what brings us together!

The end of the year is quickly, and surely approaching. I challenge you to love more than you ever did. Love yourself. Love your creator. Love others!

Happy Holidays! Go in Peace & Love!





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