My Squad Is Like A Good Bra


“A friend is like a good bra: hard to find, comfortable, supportive, always lifts you up, makes you look better, never lets you down or leaves you hanging, and always close to your heart.” -Unkown


I am blessed to have the things that I’ve prayed for. One of  my prayers was to have solid friendships. Friendships that do not waver. Friendships that do not stray away. Friendships that do not betray. My prayers were answered…


Although a few of my girls are missing in this shot, here is a snippet of the ladies that stood by my side through thick and thin. These are my college besties! Eight and nine years in the game, and our love for one another remains the same.


We most definitely went through our ups and downs as friends, but when we link up, we love and laugh all over again.


Friendships aren’t created to be perfect. It is an opportunity to realize how imperfect we can be at times, and learning how to love and accept one another right on through it. We are all so different, but that is what makes us work. When one person is down, the other  is there to pick you up!


We have all changed. Our circumstances, the distance, the growth both individually and collectively  has changed. This change has caused discomfort and confrontation, however, it created a new level of trust, understanding, better communication, and a stronger bond.


This past weekend, one of our girls Tyler, directed the play “Doubt” in Philly. Some of us came down to support her, and it felt like a family reunion! Tyler did such a phenomenal job directing, and her cast was incredible!


We may not see each other for a whole year, but the support is always felt.

I will never forget the year when I celebrated my 24th birthday in Vegas. All 10 of my girls came through and we had the time of our lives!


This is US! That’s  my SQUAD, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

To the one reading this:

It is important that you cherish the good people that surround you. The ones who want to see you succeed. The ones who will encourage you when you do not have the strength to encourage yourself. The ones who will stretch you and challenge you to be better…do better. Cherish them!

Maybe you’ve had friendships that ended up withering away. It happens. People are in our life for a reason, season, or a lifetime. If you do not have a squad, a friend, or a supporter in your corner…become one to yourself! It truly begins with you. Become your biggest supporter. Become your own best friend. I’ve realized that in order for me to truly love on others, I had to love myself….how God loves me…unconditionally. Although I am still learning, I can say that I am not where I used to be! As a result of loving me for ME, my relationships on all levels has flourished. I no longer depend on others to make me happy. It begins with with ME. It begins with YOU!






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