V-Day Special: How You Lovin’?

Hey, Y’all! Today is Feb. 14th….VALENTINE’S DAY!

We all know that Valentine’s day is the day of LOVE, AFFECTION, & FRIENDSHIP. People are purchasing their significant other flowers, chocolate, dinner, and “special” gifts. 

This is also a day for singles, such as myself at this moment to celebrate self-love and selfless love. I get to look all cute (not hard to do…haha) and indulge in all of the festivities of the day!

As I began to look forward to V-day, it dawned on me that it is only ONE day! Once Valentine’s day is over, what happens after that?

Will the flowers go away until the next year? Will the “opening of the doors” come to an end? Will chocolate be less delectable? Would I be less appealing? Would love be limited?


I’d say, let the celebration of LOVE continue! It shouldn’t begin and end on one day. Love is EVERY DAY!

So…How You Lovin’?

May you enjoy your significant other, your friends, and yourself today, but let that LOVE continue for the rest of the year…for the rest of your life!

Love You!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wear something that makes you feel BE-YOU-TIFUL!




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