Happy BIRTHDAY Momma!


If God doesn’t bless me with anything else, I will be alright because I have the GREATEST Blessing ever given, and that’s my momma!! 
TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY!! SHE TURNS____!!!! (I actually lost count so I’ll say 50 because she looks like she is! )
Lol This picture describes our relationship! I annoy her soooo much but she annoys me as well so we are good! I get my dramatic self from her! I’m approachable, confident, prayerful, friendly, funny(well I’m funnier), and encouraging JUST LIKE HER! She has turned my worst days into my best days! I NEVER lacked because of her! She’s been my nurse, my teacher, my counselor, my lawyer, my preacher, my teacher, my hope, my role model, and my friend! My mom has been everything to everyone and #TODAY is all about her! I thank God for her! Feel free to send a lil birthday love to my #momma #mybuggaboo #mybestfriend #mytwin #MyEverything Mama I love youuuuu!