Boots & Fur: Rock It Confidently!

While in North Carolina visiting family, I was able to cease the day…and the weather. It was a little chilly but nice enough for me to walk outside without wearing a jacket. So what did I wear? I brought out the boots and the fur!

I don’t know what inspired me to put this outfit together, but these were the last untouched items in my suitcase, so I made something work!  This faux fur scarf took the outfit to another level! CLASS HONEY! CLASS! (haha)

Outfit: Faux Fur Scarf (similar/ less expensive) | Jeans (Tall/ Average/Petite) | Booties (Lane Bryant) | Draped Front Belted Vest (Forever 21)| White Knit Top (similar) | Clutch (Rainbow

I must say that these boot-cut jeans are EVERYTHING!  The fit is amazing, very comfortable, and it didn’t lose it’s shape! I’ve had a ton of jeans in the past that stretched ALL THE WAY OUT after wearing them for a few hours. This pair did the exact opposite. If it talked, it would say something like, “Girrrrrrl, I ain’t goin nowhere.”

 You can find these jeans at Ashley Stewart.  Trust me….it’s the best!

The boots are from Lane Bryant. They are so stylish and chic! I featured them  in a previous post if want to check it out!

So, how do you rock boots and fur confidently?

It’s a simple answer! Just put them on and GO!

Whatever you wear, make it your own. Add your personality and style to it, and bring it to LIFE. It doesn’t matter what people think. What matters is how YOU feel!

Your style is what makes you YOU. Have fun with it! Be creative, or simple, or extravagant! Whatever it is…rock it out!

“Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it”


To the one reading this:

You are BEAUTIFUL! Your are INCREDIBLE! You can where what you want! Be CONFIDENT!


Stay true to who you are!