It’s A Woman’s World: Livin’ My Life Like It’s Golden!

In the month of March…. Women’s History Month, a few of my blogger boo’s and I have decided to collaborate and celebrate the women in our lives that we find to be role models, inspirations, and trailblazers.
My mother, my grandmother, and the many other women in my life will forever be my inspirations, however,for this post, I wanted to talk about a powerful woman in the music industry who influences both men and WOMEN to be the Queens and the Kings that we are born to be!

This woman is none other than J-I-L-L S-C-O-T-T!


Ever since I was a little girl, Jill Scott’s music was always playing in the background. I used to sing her songs such as “A Long Walk”, “Golden”, and so many others.

It wasn’t until I became older when I began to fully understand her words. Jill spoke the truth about heartache and pain, betrayal, sacrifice, self-love, confidence, feminism, freedom, growth, change and discomfort,family, romantic love, GOD, black love, hope and woman POWER.

“Let’s take….a long walk….around the park after dark….”

The goal was to duplicate her style. When I looked in my closet, I came across this flowy, fun, free, bright, and vibrant top that made me feel oh so Jill- Fabulous!

Top/Dress(Sold Out)| Booties| Leggings|Hat|Scarf

Jill Scott is the WOMAN that inspires me to embrace my womanhood and make it my own! Being a woman is a POWERFUL thing!


Jill’s music. Jill’s rhythm. Her poetic devices are like a breath of fresh air. More like healing for my soul!! Her music makes me want to scream and shout, and dance it all out!


When I play her songs, I feel hood(lol), empowered, emotional, poetic, loved, and hopeful all at the same time!20170227_163852

Jill Scott’s authenticity empowers and strengthens me to live my life like its GOLDEN!


Jill Scott is my inspiration!!


Since we are talking about inspirational women that are doing their thaaaaang in the world, I want to give a shout-out to the women that created some of the pieces that I am wearing!


Shop The Look

The Hat is from this amazing brand called Crown’d. Crown’d stands for (C)ourageous (R)oyal (O)utstanding (W)inning (N)ubian (D)reamer. This brand was created by Rosalind Leggett to remind us of who we are; IMPERFECTLY ROYAL!! Check out her products by CLICKING HERE!
The Scarf was beautifully crocheted by Pyrnie Sadé Creations! It is warm, soft, and fitting for almost every season! Check her products out by CLICKING HERE!


Who are the women in your life that inspires you? Leave a comment below!


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