Is it WORTH It?

Do you know where your worth comes from? As easy as it is to try to find it in another person, it will not fully satisfy you because that person will  hurt you. They might crush your world and leave it on the ground to be displayed. Your true worth comes from within. Dig deeeeeep. Look into yourself no matter how ugly, horrible, or broken it may be. See it for what it really is. See yourself for what you really are. ACCEPT it, and then CONFRONT it. Heal your hurt with your worth. Write it on your heart. 
Cover the mirror with words of positivity, inspiration, and self-love.
 Let it penetrate deeply into your heart, your mind, and your soul. You may be broken, but you are Beautiful. You may feel hopeless, but you’re hopeful. You may feel worthless, but you are WORTH IT! Push pass your feelings and be free. Be brave. Renew your mind. Convince yourself that you are worth it. Learn to love yourself…all of it. It may take a while, but the fact the you are starting is a beautiful thing!


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