Let That Stuff Go!

Whether it’s gossip, drama, negative people, negative thoughts,etc. Let it go. It’s not healthy for you. It will stress you out to the point of no return. Your thoughts have a way of convincing your heart to stay with that person because of the time and years you’ve invested, or to stay because you believe  that thing or person “needs you” or “you need them”. Your thoughts may even convince you to harden your heart, which would ultimately prevent you from receiving the good things that could come your way. Maybe it’s all you know, but learn to re-prioritize your time and energy.

Will it hurt? Possibly! 
Will you be okay after letting go? Eventually!  
Get your peace back and don’t lose your head in the process. ❤️

Here are some suggestions to letting go and taking care of SELF:

1) Pray. That’s always a good start. Get into a quiet place and just pray. Even if you can’t find a quiet place, say a word or a few words to make a statement that you need help, guidance, and support to move on.

2) Put away, turn off, or remove anything that will remind you of that thing or person.

3) Write. Sometimes the best way of expressing your thoughts and feelings is when you have a pen and paper in front of you to write it all out. You can do whatever you want to do with that paper after. Rip it up and throw it away? That’s fine, especially if it will symbolize you throwing away the people and things that are not promoting growth for you. You can start a journal, write poems, or EVEN start a blog 😉 .

4) Do something that you find enjoyable. Go dancing, or visit a good friend or loved one. Cook a favorite meal, dress up and look cute and take a selfie,read a book, go out to eat, workout, etc.

5) Watch inspirational YouTube videos! There are so many inspirational videos out there!

6) Lastly, it begins with you! Tell yourself that you are beautiful, great, powerful, and you deserve nothing but the best for yourself – for your growth.

Want a great year? You have to work on being a great you, even when it means that you have to let go of  unhealthy people or things.

– KCameraready ❤️


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