A Valentine’s Day I Will Never Forget…

Hey Ya’ll. I may be three days late from  writing this post, but WHATEVS!(lol).

For Valentines weekend, I decided to go to Jersey and visit some of my girlfriends! We laughed, had a few heart-to-hearts over some drinks of sparkling cider and chocolate covered strawberries, ate great food, had some Jesus time, and how can I forget – we saw “50 Shades of Grey”! Need I say more about this movie?!?!? Besides the fact that it made over 90 million dollars this past weekend, this movie had me holding on to my seat! lol I won’t spoil it for you, so see it for yourself! If you do not want to see it, no worries because my girl Maya posted a review on her blog!

All in all I thought the movie was good and I  look forward to the sequel, and so forth.

Sooooooooooo….this past valentines day was a day that I will never forget because I did something random! It was the spur of the moment!

Are you ready for this?


I know for some of you readers out there, you’re probably saying  “oh girl that’s nothing”, but it was everything to me. I thought it was going to hurt, or that I would get an infection and would be in pain forever, but it was 1..2..3! The adrenaline rush made me want to pierce something else, but this is good for now! My new piercing has its own personality. It’s kinda cute and I LOVE IT! Can we talk about living on the edge?!?!?!? lol


How was your Valentines Weekend?


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