Dear African Man

i want to thank you for this weekend.

It may have been just for a moment.

Just for a few days.

But you did something for me.

You showed me your attention, your love, your genuine care.

You revealed to me what it is like to have someone to value me, not just for my body, but for my mind.

You showed me what it’s like to be SEEN! 

I thank you! 

You were the distraction thAt I was waiting for.

At the end of every sunset you had me smiling while I laid on my pillow and wrapped myself in your caring words.


You showed me, ME!

In just 3 days!

Man, I thank you! 

We had a little “fling ting” going on and i enjoyed every moment of it!

I was shy, nervous, and unsure.

But in just three days, the walls came down.


So I thank you Mr. African Man.

I may never see you again.

We may never have anything further.

But the moments that we had…did something for me.

Thank YOU!



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