May The Forces Be With You! 2016

Happy New Year!!!!!

If you are reading this then… MADE IT!!!

Today is the first day of the year!

A Fresh start of something new! 

I can feel it in every fiber of me!

I honestly feel as if I got everything out of my system last year haha!

I am Emptied and ready to be filled with love,grace,peace, favor, restoration, revival, and JUBILEE!!! Woot woot!

Like every first day of the new year, I spend it with the people that I love! 

I went to church/watchNight service, danced my shoes off to the wonderful music of celebration, and ate really well! That was all I needed! 

Check It Out HERE!!

A Good Word. A Good Sweat. A Good Meal. A Good Rest! 

How have you/ are you spending your New Year?!?!?

I wish you nothing but the best this year! Be open to receive and be willing to give! This year may not be perfect, but it will be Worth it! Do as much as you can! Let this be a year for YOU! 

THIS YEAR WILL BE A YEAR OF (insert your name here)!


May the forces of NEW BEGINNINGS be with you! 

Stay tuned for what’s to come on Fearless.Flawless.Free!!!