He Told Me…

He told me that I am like a unicorn!

I was kind of bothered with that statement but flattered at the same time…only because unicorns are colorful and pretty…right?

But they are also imaginary…not real.

Was he trying to call me FAKE!?!?! Haha 

Well as I kept the face of “bizarre confusion” he gently explained.

“Well. You are the perfect split between a man and a woman”

Oh great! I’m a she-male! Lol

“it’s like you’re girly but you’re so cool”

Ahhhhh…so basically I’m always going to be the homegirl!

“Youre PERFECT! Beautiful! The ideal”

That left me speechless….I didn’t know what to say.

He smiled at me as we stared at each other for about 3 minutes in silence.

Then we got up and went back to work.


Where is he now?

Oh he is happily married! 

Guess he found his unicorn!