My Most Favorite Fall Dress To Wear Before The Winter Comes…

While the sun is still shining  and there’s no snow on the ground, I am making it my best effort to wear my favorite summer/fall dresses one last time until the warmer months return. One of the dresses that I’ve fallen in love with and wore at least 10-15 times in a matter of two months is this lovely V-neck straight dress from Old Navy!

Can I get an “AMEN” on how cute this dress is?!?!

 As a woman of  curves and a larger frame, I would usually wear dresses that would accentuate those things. Lately, I’ve been rocking straight dresses because it’s cute, comfortable, and it falls just the way I like it!

Double chins are in baby girl!…..#CarryOn

There are plenty of straight dresses that are flattering for all body shapes and sizes, so don’t overlook them so quickly! The great thing about straight dresses is that you can add  accessories/pieces to it to dress it up or dress it down…or you can let it be!

With this look, I added a scarf, some booties, and a clutch that matched nicely with the outfit!


As I stated in my previous post, booties are HANDS DOWN THE BEST SHOES TO ROCK FOR ALL SEASONS.

No matter what your style may be, always match it with confidence and a  smile! ❤

The booties that I am wearing are from Payless. It is one of the cutest, most affordable pair of boots that I’ve ever worn! It looked so good on my feet that I had to buy another pair in a different color (black). You should definitely check them out! My sister once told me that if you love something, always buy an extra pair!

 I had a ton of fun wearing one of my favorite fall dresses.


Now that December is here and the winter season is on it’s way, I am excited to bundle up and style it up at the same time! 

Stay Tuned!

To the one reading this:

Do you have any fall dresses/outfits that you are sad to put away until the warmer months come back again? Maybe you’re going to keep them out because you can always layer them with jackets and scarves. What were your favorite dresses during the fall? What are you looking forward to wear as this winter season comes marching in if you are living in the colder states/countries?

I would love  to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment or two…or three below!

Until next time!



Photo Cred: Keona



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