Passion & Purpose Works Hand in Hand

Whatever  you choose to do in life, do it with passion!

Lately, I’ve been focusing on my passions and identifying what makes me excited about life.

I firmly believe that our passions will drive us to our purpose.

“What is my purpose?”

So many people, including myself has  asked this question often.

There are some of you who have already figured out what your purpose is. That is a beautiful thing and it is my hope that you are working in that purpose and backing it up with passion!

For those that are still trying to figure out what your purpose is, I would suggest that you take a few moments to look into the things that you enjoy or like to do!

It is also important to understand that your purpose is not only for YOU. It is for the many individuals who will be impacted by  it. It can “spark a fire” in someone else’s life to do great things!

Your purpose and your passions work hand in hand.

What are your passions?

Do you like to write, sing, speak in front of a crowd, teach, dance, travel, take photos, draw, lead, create, etc?

Start looking into your passions or interests and take a chance at working on them more consistently.

For example,I love to sing! Singing is one of the many passions that I have. I’m not saying that I want to be a big-time singer. I just know that I have a powerful voice and it has touched lives! ♪♫♬

Two months ago, I decided to join the choir at my church. From there, I was asked to be a part of the praise and worship team. Just last week, I was asked to lead a song! As nervous as I am about it all, I know that someone will be blessed by the words that I sing and the passion behind it!  Your passions/your gifts will make room for you once you decide to pursue them.

When you pursue your passions, it will open up doors for you to do incredible things. It can take you places you’ve  never imagined. It can lead you to your  “NEXT BIG THING”. It can create a life of entrepreneurship and best sellers! The possibilities are endless!

So…what are you passionate about?

I think it’s time to pursue it!




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