Happy August!!!

Helloooooooooooooo folks!

Today is the first day of August and I am really excited about this month! I will be going on a lot of trips, celebrating many birthdays, and starting the new semester of graduate school!

I’ve decided for the month of August to blog every day ! I have also decided to vlog every day of this month on my YouTube channel (Unfortunately I am having some technical difficulties but there are previous videos up there to watch if interested! :)) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvPeWZPxfeuMtrLJpj6oPzA .

This  weekend, I came down to North Carolina to celebrate my aunt’s 90th Birthday!!!! I knoooooooow!!! Isn’t that amazing???!!! God has truly blessed her!!! It was wonderful to see her so shocked, so happy, and overly overwhelmed with the love that she felt from family!!! She looked oh so good!!!

90 is the new 60 I tell you!!!

I also had the opportunity to catch up with my girl Jessica, and we had a good ole time grabbing drinks from Starbucks, visiting the waterfront,  touring East Carolina University, taking great pictures, and just enjoying one another’s company!

This weekend has shown me a lot of love!!. I have also learned to enjoy the simple things in life ( Love, Laughter, Nature!!)

This weekend was simply beautiful & much needed! God is so good and I am so thankful to be given an opportunity to wake up to see  HIS wonderful creation, and to feel his love through nature, music, family, and friends!!! It was wonderful!!