Did you know that your thoughts can hold so much power in your life…if you allow it?

Anything from “I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH” to “I CAN DO THIS” affects how you handle situations, and how you view yourself and others. I recently attended one of my church’s young-adult meetings. In this meeting, we watched a video regarding our thoughts. It blew my mind! One of the questions were, “Will you allow your thoughts to control you or will you control your thoughts?” The speaker, Pastor Steven Furtick, also addressed the fears that we may have that can cripple us from going further in life. The fear of COMMITMENT was one that he spoke on, and it felt as if  he was speaking directly to me.  I’m mostly a very positive, cheerful, and outgoing person, however, there are certain things that really pull on the strings of my heart and weighs me down…COMMITMENT. When you look around and you see that marriages are failing, or great relationships that you thought were flourishing start to drift away, or when your previous relationship/friendship left you with a heartbreak beyond belief, it can be hard not to fear commitment. Fear is like chicken pox or something like that (lol). If not treated, it can spread and affect others.  I later found this fear trickling down to the other areas in my life. Whenever a possible friend or prospect admirer started knocking on the door of my heart, I pushed them away without a second thought.

Fear of commitment.

TODAY, I will no longer allow my negative thoughts or my fears to hold space or be entertained in my life. I know it may be tough some days but I will not give up and I will not give in. It’s time to rise above the ashes of hurt, doubts, and fears! Will you join me?

Change your thinking…one..positive…thought…at…a…time!

Watch THIS video below!

hold that thought.png

Until next time,

Be Fearless.Flawless.Free