Sunday Mask

It is Sunday! 

Praise the Lord!
Because Monday through Saturday were the days I’ve slept, wept, kept, thought, fought,smiled, laughed, hurt, loved, lied,tongue-tied, prayed, danced, drank, cussed,fussed, complained(just a scenario lol)….
But Praise the Lord it is Sunday!
I will put on my Sunday’s best
And will wear my favorite mask!
The one that everyone loves to see at church!
Yes Church!

The place where I am to fellowship with “like”-minded people, praising one God, and laying allllll my burdens down.

But today…
I will wear my mask like so many others.
“Well Praise the Lord Sister so and so! Praise the Loooooord Brother so and so! How do you do?”
As the mask is about to fall, I quickly get myself together. I would fix my mask perfectly and would say ” Oh I am Blessed and highly favored in the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Savior of my life forever more because he has risen from the grave and lives in me forever, therefore I can no longer be bound but be free!!!” 
What a response right? Lol

Well as you can see, I am exaggerating on how I respond.
But I feel that “We”, as in worshippers and church goers, have forgotten the purpose of fellowship and being real with one another.

Of course, you shouldn’t say EVERYTHING to EVERYONE, but church fellowship is supposed to be a time where you are to be free,to grow with your brothers and sisters, to be honest, to receive a Word/revelation, to be corrected, and shown much compassion during the lows and the highs!

Instead, we put on that beautiful mask or that Sunday’s best outfit because we think that we should be “perfect” or else we would be judged or misunderstood.

We are not perfect people. No one is. We are to be our brothers and our sisters keeper as we go through this journey of life…salvation. 

It is time to take the mask off in our churches, in our communities, in our schools, in our friend groups, and even in our homes.

Work with one another. Pray with one another. Encourage the next. And to grow together in unity!