‘Here I Am’ Today

Hello beautiful people!

As I am writing this post, I am going through one of the toughest times. In the midst of being strong for others, I was blown away by the recent passing of a woman who I would consider as my loved one. She was my former manager, mentor, and became my best friend in a matter of four years. This news shook my world to the core. Nevertheless, I will continue to be strong. I will be strong for her family. I will be strong for me. I will continue to be strong for others. I’ve cried and cried and cried until there were no more tears, and no more sounds. In the midst of it all I can say that I am alive, I am healthy, I have peace of mind, and I have a God who knows, hears, and sees all! I’ve learned to trust God and His plan. Life on earth is not meant to be forever. It’s meant to serve a purpose, make a difference, and touch lives in ways unimaginable! This amazing woman fulfilled her duty in life and went above and beyond to love and serve others…including me!

So, since I am blessed to have the opportunity to breathe, walk, talk, love, give, and laugh another day, I will do it joyfully!

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Sometimes it may feel as if you are standing alone or as if no one understands your pain. The honest truth is, that many people understand your pain…and more. Everyone goes through and will go through challenges, grief, and not-so-good-times. Even if you are standing alone, you will soon realize that you carry a light that shines brighter than you think. When standing alone, you will realize that there’s a piece of strength in you that will keep you from falling. I don’t know about you, but my strength comes from the Lord, and it is oh so sweet.

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Even though this week was my least favorite, it was the best time to release the built-up pain, anger, and questions. It was the best time to accept the memories and the happy days. It was the best time to write and reflect. It was  the best time to be in the eye of the storm and find my peace in God. I thank my family and friends for being very supportive and loving during this time…and EVERY TIME. It means the world!

“When life throws you lemons, make lemonade!”….and share it with everyone you know!

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I will continue to do what I love, try new things, and conquer my days! The lovely Iris Apfel once said “…Listen to your inner muse and take a chance. Wear something that says ‘HERE I AM’ , Today!!”


‘Here I AM’ Today!!!

Yesterday is gone and it will not return, but HERE I AM TODAY!

Be strong! Be courageous! Be authentic! Receive love! Remove the guilt! Trust God! Be Encouraged!

Love You All!

In loving memory of Ms. Adrian Vaughn