6 Places To Visit in NYC

My best friend Pyrnie came to New York City over the weekend to hang out and to experience what the city had to offer. It was a short trip, however, our days and nights were filled with endless adventures, great eating, life-changing sermons, and much laughter. I wanted to share with you the 6 Places we visited over the weekend  :

1.Harlem(125th Street)/ The Apollo Theater


If you go to Harlem, you should definitely visit the Apollo Theater. The Apollo Theater is a place where so many talented legends has performed and received recognition! The Apollo  Theater continues to thrive in its live performances, musicals, comedy shows, ameteur nights, and community programs! My friend is an up and coming singer, so I wanted to give her a glimpse of where she will perform one day! #SupportYourFriendsDreams

The Apollo Theater is surrounded by clothing stores, street vendors, murals, historical landmarks and great food!

2. Levain Bakery


If you wouldn’t mind standing in a line of 75 people for 45 minutes to buy the most delicious, softest, and rich-in-flavor cookies/pastries, I suggest you go to Levain Bakery! I’ve never heard of this amazing place until my friend told me about it. Bring a friend, wear comfortable shoes, and take a ton of selfies if you plan to come to this bakery.

*Each cookie cost about $4.00, but it’s totally worth it!*



3. Dallas BBQ on 42nd Street

Dallas BBQ is THE restaurant to go to for amazing food. This restaurant is known for their honey-glazed sticky wings and their texas-sized pina-coladas!  Yum!

That’s my bestie!

4. Times Square!

If you want to see bright lights, live/spontaneous entertainment, life-sized characters, , watch Broadway shows, or to shop till you drop…..TIMES SQUARE IS WHERE YOU NEED TO BE!!!


5. Rockefeller Center/ Sachs 5th Avenue

Visiting the Rockefeller Center during the holiday season is the best time to go. You will see the largest Christmas tree lit up, the Christmas Light Show on Saks Fifth Avenue, the ice-skating rink, and a beautiful view of the Channel Gardens!! I love my city!

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6. Amy Ruth’s

Amy Ruth’s is known to be one of the most famous soul-food restaurant in NYC. This restaurant is based in Harlem on 116th street.


The food tastes like Southern hospitality! Amy Ruth’s is known for their chicken and waffles, but I ordered Fried Catfish with a side of cheesy grits and collard greens! It was MMM…MMM…Goooooood!!

My friend and I had such a wonderful time together. I’ve learned so much more about my city when my friends come to town! 

To the one reading this:

“LIVE a LIFE you LOVE with the PEOPLE you LOVE”


Make NYC your next trip!

*Feel free to leave a comment below if you would like to share your favorite places you visited in NYC…or your own city!*