Lay Here and Pray

Life is good. 

It’s really good actually. 

I’m working in fashion and retail, which is a passionate hobby of mine. I am in graduate school for social work, which is teaching me a lot about human behavior, the social environment, social justice, and human rights. I’m living with family and hanging out with great friends. I have enough time and money to travel….but I believe there is more, like something is missing. Sometimes I feel unsure about the path that I’m taking when it comes to my choice of career, or my passions at that. It’s a weird feeling. When I feel this way, I get scared and I make quick decisions and change things up. I tend to talk to my family and friends about it, but this time I’ve decided to talk to the source of it all. I need to stop running from myself. I’m learning day by day that God is ultimately in control of my life. Things will work out in its time. I am where I am supposed to be, even if it feels weird, challenging, or BLEH! Lol

 It’s time to have a conversation with my inner self and pray….lay here and pray.