The Cut-Off

In the year of 2016, I decided to cut my hair and start all over again. You can say that it was the #BigChop. Many women were cutting off their hair as a way to make a change, or to get rid of their relaxed/permed hair and go natural. Although I had been natural for six years, my hair was unhealthy. It was broken, brittle, yet resilient and thick! Cutting my hair wasn’t hard to do. The hardest part was the ability to gather enough strength and self-love to cut unhealthy people and situations out of my life. This also meant cutting off the thoughts of self defeat and fear that often crippled me from being the best I could be for myself and others. 

Today, I can say that I am not where I used to be, thanks be to God! Today, I can say that there’s greater things to come. For I am forever growing, evolving, learning, lifting, and loving! 

To the one reading this:

What things do you need to or have already cut-off or cut-out in your life? Feel free to leave a comment below.