Nope! Not My Battle! 

It’s not your battle!

Why get concerned and consumed with the things that are only temporal? One day it’s here…next day it could be gone.
Do not take on the dramas of this world.
Do not allow the nay-sayers  and the thoughts of jealousy, remorse, and “What ifs”, to root and rule your life this time around.
Distract yourself from those things and fill it with positivity and self encouragement.
When negative feelings and thoughts come, say “Nope! that’s not my battle”.
For the Christ-believers, the Word  encourages us and let’s us know that the BATTLE is not ours…It’s the Lords ( 2 Chronicles 20:15).
Keep your head up high. 

Remind yourself of who YOU ARE  and whose you are ( …more than a conqueror, Romans 8:37).
It is not your Battle! Leave it to God and he will work on your behalf.


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