A Heart”more” Prayer

Let me be GREAT…





for YOU!

I surrender my own wants/ways/plans in exchange for #TrueFreedom that only YOU can give…

So take me!

Use me!

Send me!

In YOUR name….to do things I’ve never done!

Experience the incredible!

I am ready for it!

The exchange….

Of knowing that YOUR ways are greater than mine will ever be….

And to think that my ways were pretty dope…

YOU are showing me that YOUR dopeness surpasses mine!

If I could only tell the world what YOU have been showing me and allowing me to feel, taste, and SEE!!

In due time…

Because I know that right now…



Transforming me…

Right before my eyes!

No longer will I be heartless, but heart”more”!

More for YOU!

Search my heart…

My mind…

Give me a love like YOURS…

Let this life and the treasures of this world that I hold OHHHH so deeply…

Mean NOTHING to me…


You alone…

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